Our Approach

Millennial Touch applies a variety of strategies to help bridge the gap of digital marketing and brand development for small business owners. Our approach is applicable by capturing the true voice and persona of your company and displaying it to give your brand a personality. Reflecting an appealing image on social platforms generates a personable connections with customers - Which creates a brands voice customers can relate to and remain loyal.

Our Story

Living and studying in the Tampa Bay area sparked curiosity that generated a interest in local businesses and marketing strategies. One goal of Millennial Touch is to create and share success with small business owners around the area by implementing our services. The demand of social media management and marketing has grown rapidly, possibly in an overwhelming pace for some small business owners. Millennial Touch is here to help manage all platforms and create unique content that keeps your business current and thriving.

Our Team

Colin Urquhart

Co-Founder & Consultant

Ciara Isaac

Co-Founder & Consultant

Joseph Russell

Co-Founder & Consultant

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